A young woman stands at a microphone wearing a red dress and a red handprint painted on her face while holding a sing that reads #HeartlessHeather #SearchTheLandfills

Take Action on September 18: International Day of Action to #SearchtheLandfills

International Day of Action: September 18 2023  

September 18 is the International Day of Action to Search the Landfills. This day honors missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people whose remains are either already found or believed to be in the Brady Road and Prairie Green Landfills in Winnipeg, Manitoba and other landfills across Canada.

Call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson to search the landfills immediately!



A Winnipeg-area man faces first-degree murder charges for missing and murdered Indigenous women Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran, of Long Plain First Nation, and an unidentified woman, whom community members have named Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe, or “Buffalo Woman.”  

The man also stands accused of the murder of Rebecca Contois, from Crane River First Nation whose remains were found in the Brady Road landfill in May 2022.

Remains of Linda Mary Beardy, from Lake St. Martin First Nation, were retrieved from the landfill in April 2023. As of August 2023, no one has been charged in her death. 

Fight back against the Government of Manitoba’s Refusal to Search the Landfills

The Government of Manitoba has refused to search the two Winnipeg Landfills – citing ‘safety risks’ as a reason not to meet the demands of MMIWG2S+ families and advocates.  

However, the results of a federally funded Indigenous-led feasibility study confirmed that the safety risks associated with the landfills’ search can be mitigated. Experts have also noted successful landfill searches in Canada. For instance, in 2021, the remains of Nathaniel Brettell were found in the Green Lane landfill near London, Ontario, almost eight months after they were believed to be brought there.

Indigenous grassroots organization Families of Sisters in Spirit and Amnesty International Canada, in a joint statement, have urged the Governments of Canada and Manitoba to listen to the urgent calls of MMIWG2S+ families, community members and advocates to immediately search and bring home the remains of Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe, Marcedes Myran and Morgan Harris.  

Summer 2023: Winnipeg’s Cambria Harris addresses a rally calling for the Manitoba government to walk back its refusal to search two local landfills for the remains of her mother, Morgan Harris, and two other Indigenous women allegedly murdered by a serial killer. (Photo credit: Melissa Robinson)

What Can I Do? 

“Bring your songs. Bring your drums. Wear red. Bring a red dress. Bring you.”   

– Bridget Tolley, co-founder Families of Sisters in Spirit. 

Attend a Sit-in

Across Canada, MMIWG2S+ families, community members, advocates and Indigenous organizations are coming together on September 18 to hold sit-ins.

In doing so, we aim to put collective pressure on the Governments of Canada and Manitoba toward the immediate search for the remains of Bizhi’ikwe, Myran and Harris.  

We encourage you to attend these community-led sit-ins, demonstrations, vigils and other solidarity rallies and events taking place across Canada in honour of the murdered Indigenous women and girls buried in the Winnipeg landfills. 

Here is a list of sit-ins and vigils taking place across Canada:

September 18th:


Parliament Hill – 12:00 pm 


Manitoba Legislative Building – 12:00 pm 

Montreal, Quebec 

Place Du Canada – 6:00 pm EST 

Prince George, British Columbia 

City Hall – 10:00 am PST 

New Denver, British Columbia 

Centenial Park – 12:00 pm PST 

September 21st:

Toronto, Ontario

Native Canadian Centre – 12:00 pm

Plan a sit-in in your city

You can also plan your own sit-in at your local government building – to express your solidarity and support with MMIWG2S+ families and loved ones on September 18.

For more information about the sit-ins taking place across Canada, please visit:  

the Search The Landfills Facebook page

Families of Sisters in Spirit Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Write a letter to Premier Heather Stefanson 

Write a letter to Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson to express your concern over Manitoba’s refusal to search the Winnipeg landfills. Urge Premier Stefanson to immediately prioritize and adequately resource the immediate search of the Brady Road and Prairie Green landfills in Winnipeg, Manitoba to find and bring home the remains of Marcedes Myran, Mashkode Bizhiki’ikwe and Morgan Harris.  

Send your letter directly to Premier Heather Stefanson:  

By email:


By mail: 

Premier Heather Stefanson Tuxedo 

Room 204, Legislative Building 

450 Broadway  

Winnipeg, MB RC3 0V8 

Phone: (204) 945-3714 
Fax: (204) 949-1484 

Sign our E-action

Call on the Government of Canada and the Government of Manitoba to immediately search the landfills and take immediate steps to ensure the full protection of Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and gender diverse people across Canada.

Post on Social Media 

Send a tweet to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Heather Stefanson and your local MP to express your solidarity and support for MMIWG2S+ families, community members and advocates.

You can also create your own tweet!


@JustinTrudeau @HstefansonMB immediately #searchthelandfills to find and bring home the remains of #marcedesmyran #maskhodebishiki’ikwe #morganharris #tanyanepinak. Refusal to search the landfills is indefensible #nomorestolensisters #MMIWG2S @AI_WomenRights @AmnestyNow


Learn More

You can learn more by reading our joint statement with Families of Sisters in Spirit – Canada: Search the landfills and return Indigenous women’s remains home. 

For more information on this campaign, please contact Amnesty’s Gender Rights Campaigner Elishma Noel Khokhar at ekhokhar@amnesty.ca