Malawi: Killing of man with albinism underscores past policing and criminal justice failures

In response to the killing on 10 January 2017 of Madalitso Pensulo, a 19-year-old man with albinism in Mlonda Village under the Sabwe Traditional Authority in Thyolo District, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena, said:
“Malawian authorities must promptly and thoroughly investigate the horrific killing of Madalitso Pensulo, and take immediate steps to address the poor policing and failures in the criminal justice system which have led to a climate of impunity for crimes against people with albinism.
“Police and other law enforcement officials should step up their efforts and promptly bring the suspected perpetrator, who is known by the Mlonda Village community, before a competent court of law in a fair trial. The message must be sent that attacks on people with albinism will not be tolerated.
“People with albinism are living in fear within their own communities. This latest killing highlights the urgent need for Malawian authorities to ensure an effective criminal justice system to bring suspected perpetrators of past related crimes to justice. They must ensure a coordinated security strategy that protects all people with albinism in Malawi, and put an end to their abduction and killing.”