Join the Fieldworker Team!

Are you already involved with Amnesty and looking for the next step in your activism journey? We invite you to consider joining the Fieldworkers! 

Fieldwork is a great way to be involved in activism because we have the ability to shape our human rights work and be involved in our communities in a way that makes sense. As Fieldworkers, we are catalysts of activism and we work to support activists near us to take action on human rights issues. We can do this by writing letters with local groups and helping to support the projects that activists are taking on in their communities.

Fieldworkers, like Gord and Crystal in Regina, Saskatchewan, support groups in their human rights actions and provide leadership for folks who want to defend human rights.

Fieldworkers serve as key resources and work to educate Amnesty members as well as the public on human rights issues and Amnesty campaigns. Shelley is a Fieldworker in Calgary, Alberta, fresh out of training with keen skills for learning new things and teaching others.

Our team of Fieldworkers is a diverse group of individuals with many different identities and lived experiences. Our differences are our strengths and we bring our full selves to our human rights work as the public faces of Amnesty International Canada. Fieldworkers like Mohamed in Mississauga, Ontario, connect to people through public speaking and forge new relationships between all types of activists.

Fieldworkers span the whole country from coast to coast and we’re looking to add to our team. Fieldworkers are dynamic because we have each other across the country as well as the communities we build and are a part of closer to home. There’s no one way to be a Fieldworker, all that we really have in common is that we all have big hearts for human rights. If you’d like to know more about us or you’d like to apply to join us, please email Shauna MacLean at