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Jordan: Syrian journalist released after 50 days in detention

On May 29, 2024, Jordanian authorities released Syrian refugee and student journalist Atiya Mohammad Abu Salem. They also revoked his deportation order. He had been held in arbitrary detention for 50 days. During this time, he was at risk of being forcibly returned to Syria.

Arrest and detention

On April 9, 2024, Jordanian security forces arrested Syrian refugee and student journalist Atiya Mohammad Abu Salem. He was on his way to film a pro-Gaza protest near the Israeli embassy in Amman when he was detained without explanation.

During his detention, Atiya faced several violations, including interrogation without a lawyer, threats of deportation, and being forced to unlock his phone for inspection. Authorities ordered his deportation to Syria without a legal basis, charges, or judicial referral.

Advocacy and release

Amnesty International urged Jordanian authorities to release Atiya Mohammad Abu Salem and prevent his deportation to Syria, where he would face severe human rights violations such as torture and enforced disappearance.

After 50 days of arbitrary detention, Jordanian authorities revoked the deportation order and released Atiya on May 29, 2024.