Around the world, the human rights of individuals and communities are threatened by the operations of multinational companies. Corporate accountability means holding companies to account for abuses they commit, and getting justice for people whose rights have been abused.

Multinational companies enjoy unprecedented power and influence around the world. There are concerns over the ways in which many of these companies benefit from economic globalization while all too often evading corporate accountability when their operations result in environmental damage or human rights abuses. Canada, in particular, has been called upon by international human rights bodies to more effectively regulate Canadian companies’ overseas operations and sanction those who abuse human rights. 

At the heart of Amnesty International’s concerns are the individuals and communities whose human rights are at risk.

Amnesty is calling for: 

Prevention: Companies should be required by law to take steps to identify, prevent and address human rights abuses (known as human rights due diligence);
Corporate Accountability: Companies must be held to account for abuses they commit;
Remedy: People whose rights have been abused by companies must have access to justice and effective remedy;
Protection of rights beyond borders: Companies operate across borders, so the law must also operate across borders to protect people’s rights.

Help us ensure that Canadian and multinational companies respect human rights in Canada and around the world.

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