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Every day, Amnesty International publishes actions that empower you to write letters, send emails and sign petitions on the most pressing human rights issues around the world.

Online Petitions

Sign and share our priority online petitions. Our petitions and urgent email actions are sent directly to decision-makers and create results. You can also create momentum for change after signing our actions by participating in our social media messages and responding to our invitations to get more involved.

Latest Online Petitions

Urgent Letter-writing actions

Amnesty International encourages supporters to write appeal letters directly to officials who are in a position to end a human rights violation, and to write solidarity letters directly to people wrongfully detained or targeted for their human rights work. In addition we offer two programs for regular letter-writers:

Latest Urgent letter-writing actions

Lifesaver actions for young activists

Lifesavers for age 9 and up are simply-written actions that are based on a current Amnesty International letter-writing case. They serve as a call-to-action for an individual or group whose human rights are in jeopardy.

Latest Lifesaver actions for young activists ages 9 and up

GO MOBILE! Human rights action in the palm of your hand

Download our free app for iPhone and Android and take action today.

With Amnesty SOS you join a global community of human rights activists taking urgent action to free prisoners of conscience, protect people and communities in immediate danger – all from your mobile phone.

When someone suffers a human rights violation or is in immediate danger, then Amnesty International can issue a global urgent action alert. Amnesty supporters all around the world – just like you – respond by sending messages to the relevant authorities to hold them to account and demanding they take action!

Use Amnesty SOS to take individual action, to encourage friends and family to raise their voices for human rights or bring it to events and use it as a tool to collect many signatures and amplify your impact!

Download Amnesty SOS today and speak out for human rights.
We can, and do make an impact when we act together.

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How it works

  When there is an urgent action alert, Amnesty will send out an notification to Amnesty SOS users.

  1.  Tap to open the app and read about the case
  2.  To take action, press the ‘Send a message’ button and fill out the action form — pre-filled if you’ve taken action before
  3. Share the actions with friends, family and colleagues via social media – The more people who speak out, the more powerful our collective voice becomes.
  4. Collect more signatures – from friends, colleagues, or community members and events!

What is an Urgent Action?

When an individual is in immediate danger as a result of the violation of a basic human right, Amnesty International can launch an Urgent Action to protect them. The massive number of appeals from concerned people around the world enable us to put pressure on authorities and help us to hold them to account.

Read more about Urgent ActionsAmnesty’s Urgent Action Network

The Amnesty SOS app is free to download and use (data charges may apply).

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