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July 10, 2015

A sobering look at Canada's human rights record
By Alex Neve, Secretary-General of Amnesty International Canada 
“This is not the Canada I once knew.” 

Those were the words of a British member of the UN Human Rights Committee who was taking part this week in the committee’s first review of Canada’s human rights record in 10 years.
July 27, 2015

By Fiona Koza, Amnesty Campaigner for Business and Human Rights


Taking a trip along the Ditch Road in Likely, BC yesterday, we were unprepared for the sight of Hazeltine Creek, which was devastated as a consequence of the Mt Polley mine tailings breach almost one year ago.
July 22, 2015
By Gaëtan Mootoo, Amnesty International's Researcher on West Africa
July 22, 2015

If you’re a girl in Burkina Faso, chances are your childhood won’t last long. Forced early marriage is common, as is early pregnancy.

If you’re a woman, you may be denied contraception, simply because you don’t have your husband’s permission. And if you do manage to get contraception, you may be forced to use it in secret for fear of being accused of adultery by your partner or in-laws.
July 21, 2015
By Tara L. Scurr, Campaigner - Business and Human Rights 
July 10, 2015
Anmesty's letter warns surveillance will have ‘chilling effect’ on human rights organizations.
The UK should hold an independent judge-led inquiry into surveillance of human rights organizations by UK security services, Amnesty International said today in a letter sent to Prime Minister David Cameron.
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July 10, 2015
By Marek Marczynski, Head of Military, Security and Police at Amnesty International. Follow Marek on Twitter @MarekMarczynski.
Every year, roughly half a million people are killed by firearms, many of which have been transferred irresponsibly.
The poorly controlled flow of arms also fuels conflicts in which millions more die because of mass displacement and loss of access to basic health care clean water and food.
July 9, 2015
Yecenia Armenta behind prison bars
By Kathy Price, Amnesty Canada's Mexico campaigner
The long, sun-filled days of July are a time of joyful freedom for many of us in Canada, as we take a break from work or school to enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Not so for a young mother in Mexico called Yecenia Armenta.
July 9, 2015
By Tanya O'Carroll, Technology and Human Rights Officer for Amnesty International. Follow Tanya on Twitter @TanyaOCarroll
Powerful surveillance systems are strangling freedom of expression and interfering with the legitimate work of activists and non-governmental organizations.
July 9, 2015
Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Centre © Amnesty International
By Steve Crawshaw, the director of the Office of the Secretary General at Amnesty International and a former Eastern Europe editor of The Independent. Follow Steve on Twitter @stevecrawshaw
Srebrenica. A drive through eastern Bosnia seems to be full of sleepy Balkan charm. The landscape is one of wooded hills, small farmsteads, abundant plum orchards. The road winds its way through maize fields beside the quiet river Drina. In the woods, a cuckoo calls on a midsummer’s day. All is peaceful.