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Student activists have always been at the frontlines of human rights movements: from standing in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square to petitioning governments to abolish the death penalty, youth are there.

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Youth & Student Groups

At Amnesty International Canada youth make up the largest portion of our membership, which means that the work you do in your school and community is central to the success of Amnesty International. 

Amnesty Canada Youth and Student groups can be found in all levels of schooling, and in communities across the country.  Setting up a club is easy and we will provide you with tools and support to get your group up and running. 

Individual Youth Members

For as little as $15 a year, you’ll hear about human rights first, and first hand as a member of Amnesty International, and keep in the loop on the most pressing global human rights issues. Amnesty’s latest actions, online petitions, contests, and campaigns will start with you. 

Youth Leadership Opportunities

Looking for youth leadership opportunities within Amnesty International in Canada?

We don’t have any current openings. Please check back again soon.

Become an Organizer
A young Filipino girl with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail holds a sign that reads 'Learn to change of learn to swim' at the September 2019 Climate Strike.
Take on a leadership role in Amnesty Canada and learn more about human rights
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Youth Media Award
A square glass trophy with a wooden base sitting on a table in front of a window.
For student journalists aged 25 and under, who have covered a human rights related story
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Essential tools, resources and training materials for organizing, campaigning and activism.

Staying Resilient
Youth Start Up Kit
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Tools for Activists
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