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Media Awards

    The Amnesty Canada Media Awards: honouring journalists for outstanding human rights reporting

    Media Awards 2015 at Gardiner Museum, Toronto. Photos by: Danilo Ursini

    The 2016 Amnesty International Media Awards are taking place on April 5th, 2017 in Toronto. Click here to find our who this year's winners are>>

    The Amnesty International Canada Media Awards honour the efforts of journalists to increase Canadians' awareness and understanding of human rights issues. Now in its 22nd year, these awards recognize the media’s efforts to bring awareness to international human rights issues that fall within the mission of Amnesty International.

    We ask journalists to submit work in the following categories:

    National print – including newspapers and national magazines

    Audio/Video – television or radio news and documentaries

    Local/ alternative – local and alternative newspapers and special audience magazines

    Online - a journalist product for a Canadian audience, only available online from a website where journalists have originated the content, or selected and amplified it (maximum of three entries.)

    Youth Media Award - honours students who have created content covering international or national human rights issues with a particular emphasis on how they impact young people.

    Download the 2016 Media Awards Submission

    Download the 2016 Youth Media Awards Submission


    2015 Award Winners

    National Print Award

    Jennifer Quinn Amnesty International Media Awards

    “If I send him, he may die. But if I keep him here, he will die.” The Globe and Mail, August 29, 2015

    Stephanie Nolen is the South America correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Her previous postings have included South Africa, India and the Middle East. She has won five Amnesty International Media Awards and seven National Newspaper Awards for international coverage that has ranged from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the AIDS pandemic in Africa to caste and gender issues in India. She lives in Rio de Janeiro with her partner and children.

    Audio / Video Award 

    David McDougall Amnesty International Media Award

    “To No Man’s Land: The Story of Saaed Jama’s Deportation to Somalia” CBC Radio One - The Current, November 4, 2014

    John Chipman is an award-winning journalist and author who has worked at CBC Radio since 2002. His work has been featured on The Current, The Sunday Edition, As It Happens,

    Ideas and a Gemini award-winning documentary for the fifth estate. His latest book is called Death in the Family. It examines a series of wrongful convictions, accusations and pleas perpetrated by disgraced pathologist Charles Smith. It will be published by Doubleday Canada later this year.

    Carol Off Amnesty International Media Awards

    Joan Webber is a senior producer and documentary editor with CBC radio’s The Current. She has produced programs and documentaries from places such as Iqaluit, Cuba,

    Mexico, and Russia. Joan has won a variety of awards for her journalism, including for one of her favourites – a documentary about a nun living inside a Tijuana prison.



    Local / Alternative Print Award

    Katie DeRosa Amnesty International Media Awards

    “Cola Kids Need a Fix” Corporate Knights, Spring 2015

    Roberta Staley is a Vancouver-based, independent magazine writer and editor who specializes in medical and science reporting as well as international reportage from conflict and post-conflict zones. Roberta produced and directed her first documentary titled Mightier Than The Sword, about female Afghan journalists and filmmakers and their impact on gender perceptions and gender equality. It will premiere this year.


    Online Media Award

    “Land Divided, Coast United”, April 2015

    Josie Glausiusz is a journalist who writes about science and the environment for magazines including Nature, National Geographic, Hakai, and Scientific American Mind, and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Her weekly column, On Science, (“the new, the odd and the wonderful,”) appeared in The American Scholar from 2013 to 2015. She is the author of Buzz: The Intimate Bond Between Humans and Insects (Chronicle, 2004).


    Youth Media Award - New Category

    “Why media’s impact on homelessness matters” Skedline, Humber College, May 31, 2015

    Deanna Grant recently graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Humber College. She cares about social issues and good eats. She is currently working as a manager at a restaurant in downtown Toronto and looks forward to telling more stories as a freelancer.




    The 2015  winners were announced on 22 December with the awards being presented at an event on 9 April in Toronto. For more information on the winners, click here.

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    Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award

    This new award is for journalism covering international or national human rights issues with particular emphasis on how they impact young people. The presentation of the award will be part of Amnesty International Canada’s annual Media Awards ceremony in the 22nd year.

    The competition is open to any student at a Canadian university, or college who has had an article published or a piece broadcast or posted in a recognized student media outlet during the period from September 2016 through 30 April 2017.

    The winner will be announced in September 2017. The prize is $500 dollars. The winner will also later receive an Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award Certificate at the annual Amnesty International Canada Media Awards event.


    Media Award Winners