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    December 10, 2012

    A Turkish court has acquitted four men on trial for their participation in a protest in support of a conscientious objector, prompting Amnesty International to call the ruling a victory for freedom of expression.

    On Thursday the court in the north-western city of Eskişehir cleared human rights defender Halil Savda and three others of the charge of “alienating the public from military service”, a criminal offence under Turkey’s Penal Code.

    The case against them began in 2011 after they protested outside the hearing of fellow conscientious objector Enver Aydemir a year earlier in what became known as the “everyone is born a baby” case – a twist on the Turkish military slogan “every Turk is born a soldier”.

    “This acquittal should prove that every Turk is born with rights, including the right to freedom of expression,” said John Dalhuisen, Director of Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia Programme.


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