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Raise Money for Human Rights

    Raise Money Your Way

    Raise money for human rights - using your time and talents to fundraise and increase awareness.

    Whether it's knitting teddy bears, playing music, running, or baking cupcakes, you have it in you to support change in the world through your passions!

    Raising money for human rights doesn’t have to mean organising a big event. It could be as simple as sharing tea and cupcakes, or as ambitious as cycling across Canada. It all depends on what you love to do.

    Check out our favorite ideas!

    Hold an AMNESTEA party

    Turn your next birthday, book club, office or school event into an AMNESTEA party. Whether it’s a garden party on a hot day, or an indoor gathering in the middle of winter, this idea can work any time of the year.

    Run, hike or cycle for rights

    Use your flare for running, cycling or hiking as a way to collect donations for human rights work. Check out marathons near where you live. You might be able to sign up and choose to fundraise for Amnesty.

    Take a yoga challenge

    Love yoga? Either take on your own personal challenge or invite a yoga teacher to head a yoga class for Amnesty. You would be amazed at how much you can raise from one class!

    Looking for a real challenge?

    Love to travel to new places and challenge your body to reach a higher level of fitness? Then check out our tour operating partner, Charity Challenge. They offer 6 different types of activities in more than 23 countries.


    You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Amnesty International Canada! Working on our behalf, Donate a Car Canada will accept your vehicle for donation -- running, or not! Old or new!

    Sing your own tune!

    There is no limit to the number of ways you can raise money for human rights.  
    Check out ‘50 Ways to Raise Money for Human Rights’ below to help get your creative juices going.


    Download ’50 Ways to Raise Money for Human Rights’ Download your fundraising sponsorship form to collect donations offline.
    Not a member of Amnesty International? Download our proposal form and terms and conditions.
    For your AMNESTEA event, you can find apparel in our online shop here.