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Online Actions

    Sign and share Amnesty's online petitions

    You can make the world a better place and stop human rights violations by participating in Amnesty International's priority actions. Our actions are sent directly to decision-makers and create results. You can also create momentum for change after signing our actions by participating in our social media messages and responding to our invitations to get more involved.

    Turkey: Release the unfairly imprisoned

    Urge the Minister of Justice to release those unfairly imprisoned and those at risk of COVID-19.

    Urgent Action: Protect Colombian Human Rights Defenders

    Killings increase amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Send a message to Colombia's Minister of Interior to call for action!

    URGENT: Close Construction on Site C Dam Amidst Pandemic

    Call on BC authorities to take immediate action to close the construction on the Site C dam in response to government guidelines on COVID-19.

    Canada: Pull the pipes from Quesnel Lake

    Discharge from the Mount Polley mine is still being discharged into Quesnel Lake

    Canada: Stop investing in environmental and human rights harm

    Hold Export Development Canada accountable for disastrous dam investment.

    Urgent Action: Teen on trial for social media posts in Jordan

    Write now to the Minister of Justice urging him to drop the charges against Tujan and respect the right to freedom of expression.

    China: Stop targeting Uyghurs

    Chinese authorities are harassing Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim groups inside and outside China.

    Urgent Action: Ensure Healthcare to Asylum-Seekers

    Call on Greek authorities to grant access to healthcare for asylum-seekers and migrant children.

    Canada: Support education for Rohingya refugee children

    Urge Canada to do all it can to support Bangladesh's efforts to give Rohingya refugee children and youth access to education.

    Urgent Action: Protect Human Rights Defender Christina Palabay

    The leader of a Philippines human rights organization is in grave danger. Help protect her now!

    Urgent Action: Protect Human Rights Defender Christina Palabay

    The leader of a Philippines human rights organization is in grave danger. Help protect her now!

    Urgent Action: Rohingya student suspended in Bangladesh

    University student Rohima Akter Khushi has been suspended from classes in Bangladesh just because she is Rohingya. Urge the Bangladeshi government to immediately end her suspension and allow Rohima to go back to school.

    Ecuador: Protect Women Guardians of Nature

    Authorities must stop the attacks on women defending the Amazon.

    IRAN: Free Nasrin Sotoudeh

    Sentenced to 38 years in prison, and 148 lashes for women's rights work.

    Ontario: There must be accountability for police actions

    OPP must be held accountable for excessive and dangerous response to Tyendinaga land defenders

    Urgent Action: Canadian sentenced to death in China

    Canadian Robert Schellenberg is facing the death penalty in China after an unfair re-trial where he was convicted of drug trafficking. Help stop his execution.

    Justice for Berta Cáceres

    Tell Honduras to stop deadly violence against those who work to protect Indigenous lands and the environment

    Egypt: Drop all charges against Azza Soliman

    Arrested for defending women's rights in Egypt.

    USA: Seeking protection at the border is not a crime

    Call on President Trump to stop deliberately undermining the rights of people seeking protection at the Mexico/USA border.

    India: NGOs Under Threat

    URGENT ACTION: Urge India to stop harassment and raids on NGOs in India