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    Saudi Arabia: What happened to Jamal Khashoggi?

    The journalist walked into a Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey and disappeared - we need to know what happened.

    Syria: Accountability for the destruction of Raqqa

    Call on the USA to take responsibility for the annihilation of Raqqa

    Mexico: Don’t force people seeking asylum back into danger

    Protect the rights of people entering Mexico in search of protection

    Canada: Respect Treaty Rights in Site C decision

    Call on Premier Horgan to keep his promise to uphold Indigenous rights.

    Canada: End Gender-Based Violence

    Call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to enact a national action plan on gender-based violence.

    CANADA: Justice for Abousfian Abdelrazik

    Imprisoned and tortured in Sudan, the Canadian Government obstructed efforts to have him returned to Canada.

    USA: Stop separating families

    Forcible separation of asylum seeking parents and children amounts to torture.

    Honduras: Free Edwin Espinal

    Jailed after brutal state crackdown on dissent.

    Iran: Free Atena Daemi

    Atena has been wrongly convicted, and badly abused in prison for her work on women's rights.

    Saudi Arabia: Release 'women's right to drive' activists

    'Women's right to drive' activists have been locked up incommunicado since mid-May and are being smeared as traitors by Saudi media.

    USA: Free the Berks Kids

    Every day hundreds of families are locked up in three family detention centres in the United States. Their only ‘crime’ is seeking safety.

    Brazil: Justice for Marielle

    Prominent Brazilian women human rights defender Marielle Franco and her driver were murdered

    Israel: Free Ahed Tamimi

    She's faced aggressive interrogations in jail and her family has been threatened.

    Canada: End Gender-Based Violence

    1 in 3 women and gender diverse people in Canada will experience violence in their lifetime. Call on Prime Minister Trudeau to enact a national action plan on gender-based violence.

    Syria: End the bombing in Eastern Ghouta

    Syria is bombing its own citizens with the backing of Russia.

    Jamaica: Protect Shackelia Jackson

    Urge Jamaica to stop trying to silence Shackelia Jackson.

    Libya: Selling of migrants

    20,000 migrants held and mistreated in detention centres

    Bangladesh: Investigate the murder of Xulhaz Mannan

    Xulhax Mannan was murdered for standing up for LGBTI rights.

    Canada: Support South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

    Aid is desperately needed to support over 1 million South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.