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Campaign 2 - Contact Information

Tara Scurr
Fiona Koza

Business and Human Rights Campaigners (Vancouver)
604-294-5160 x103

Elizabeth Berton-Hunter
Media Relations (Toronto)
416-363-9933 x332

Take Action - Don't Undermine our Rights

    Take Action


    Host your own photo exhibition

    Throughout 2013, Amnesty International Canada is touring a photo exhibition called “Canadian Mining in Central America: Development or Myth”.
    For a limited time, members of Amnesty International Canada (action circles and local groups) can host this powerful photo exhibition in their own community. If you are interested, your role would be to find an exhibition space and promote your event. Amnesty will supply you with the photos and other accompanying materials.
    Several Amnesty International Canada groups have already hosted the exhibit this year. For more information about this amazing opportunity, please contact
    To view the photos online, click here.
    All photos are copyright James Rodriguez

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